How to Fix ‘Runtime Error R6002’ Errors


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PC MRI is compatible with Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit & 64 bit), Vista, XP
SYMPTOMSSeeing this error message: “Runtime Error R6002”? Fortunately, this doesn’t spell disaster for your computer. With the right solution, you can get your PC up and running in no time. “Runtime Error R6002” errors and other critical malfunctions can arise when the Windows operating system becomes overloaded with invalid system references, as well as corrupted and deleted registry files.
RESOLVE and prevent unwanted errors and crashes! We recommend downloading our Runtime Error R6002 Repair Tool. This solution is designed to diagnose and repair Windows issues while simultaneously increasing system performance, optimizing memory, and enhancing PC security.
DOWNLOAD THE RUNTIME ERROR R6002 REPAIR TOOLFile Size4.8MB (About 5 seconds on broadband connection)
RequirementsWindows XP / Vista / 7 (32/64 bit) / 8 (32/64 bit)
Download Time(dsl, 5 sec, dialup 3 min)
Error messages popping up on a Computer are like a knocking noise in a Car’s engine. In fact, Computers and Cars have many parallels. Both are used everyday. Both get worn down over time. Both need regular tune-ups to maintain performance. PC MRI is your Computer’s mechanic and the best part is that it installs in seconds. Get it below.

– Tom the Tech

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Is Your Computer Showing Runtime Error R6002?

Here is how I would fix Runtime Error R6002 fast

- Tom the Tech

Potential Causes:

First, let me list a few potential causes of Runtime Error R6002. These potential triggers are just common causes of operating system errors in general and may not be directly related to Runtime Error R6002. Competing Applications

  • Competing Applications
  • Corrupt Operating System
  • Old or damaged Hardware
  • Low Disk storage space
  • Browser add-ons or plug-ins
  • Virus, Malware or Spyware
  • Memory leak

What is a Runtime Error R6002?

Runtimes are libraries of code that are used by applications only at the time the application is called on to be run. Run Time Error messages appear on the screen if the application calls the Runtime code and there is an issue with the code executing. Because of this users often have a hard time understanding why the error messages pop up when they do.

Why am I seeing this Runtime Error R6002?

Because applications rely on Runtime code every single time they are launched, you will often see reoccuring messages. If there is an issue or corruption within the Runtime code then the application will traditionally crash once the operation does not function properly. This is why users typically see Run Time Errors popup over and over repeatedly.

How do I fix Runtime Error R6002?

Outside of reformatting the machine, an option I recommend is installing a program designed to fix error messages and stabilize system performance. Operating Systems are like automobiles. Sometimes the system has seen so much wear and tear that it needs a tune-up or to be reset just like an oil change with a car. Think of how many applications and adjustments you have made to your computer since you took it out of the box.

Tom’s Tips To Fix Runtime Error R6002

Step 1: Update Operating System – Make sure your Operating System has the latest updates installed and running. You always want to be running the latest and greatest because patches and fixes are always being released by manufacturers.
Step 2: Update Common Software – Make sure all software, especially software you use frequently is up-to-date and patched. Writing software is very difficult and vendors release bug fixes all the time. It is beyond important that all software is up-to-date.
Step 3: Update Browsers – I cannot tell you how many browsers I see on weekly basis that are out-of-date. I cannot recommend this step enough. Updating all your browsers to the latest releases will save you a tremendous amount of future pain. Malware often infects machine through vulnerabilities within the browser.
Step 4: Install a "Light" Antivirus – Some of the most popular Antivirus programs on the market tend to be very heavy in terms of size. When installed on a machine, some of these programs can devastate system resources and memory. I recommend PC Tools or Malwarebytes or PC MRI which has built in Malware protection.
Step 5: Install a PC Stabilizer / Optimizer Application – Some of the most popular Antivirus programs on the market tend to be very heavy in terms of size. When installed on a machine, some of these programs can devastate system resources and memory. I recommend PC Tools or Malwarebytes or PC MRI which has built in Malware protection.

Still having problems with Runtime Error R6002? Call us at 800.886.8105

Call us toll-free 800.886.8105: Our USA based, PC MRI dedicated technicians are always available to help you get your PC back up running fast and smooth. All of our technicians are certified so they have the expertise and precision to handle any issue.

About PC MRI Optimizer

System Requirements:

PC MRI performs optimal with the following minimum system specifications:
Microsoft Windows ®

PC MRI is compatible with Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit & 64 bit), Vista, XP


Internet Access (To Receive Updates and Register)
Administrator rights
20 MB of hard drive space

Internet Access (For Updates)
2048 MB of RAM
50 MB of hard drive space

PC MRI Download Information:
Scans performed with this software may possibly detect computer errors that occur naturally with use of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. On rare occasions, these specific errors as well as other possible errors may have a detrimental impact on the computer’s operation. In infrequent cases, errors identified in the scan may be harmless and will not damage the health, performance, or operation of the computer system. Certain identified errors may be detected repeatedly by the software and come up in scan results.

PC MRI Optimizer Software that is offered as a download on this page is free to install. Once installed software will scan computer and then notify you of potential performance issues. To resolve those found issues and unlock additional features, users must upgrade and purchase a PC MRI license key.


User Comments:

William Miller

My laptop was about 3 years old and I did not want to replace it. With money being tight I figured I would give this software a try. The software works great and will definitely speed up your computer. I’m so glad I found your software and would recommend this to anyone with an older computer that wants to try and get a little more time out of their PC.

Joseph Martin

Downloading was very fast. Scanning was fast and to the point with a very easy to read screen. I was pleased to see that I only had to hit one button to fix the issues it found on my computer. I don’t think I could have done this better myself.

Alisson Becker

I was ready to get a new computer when I found your software. I did not want to have to back up my computer and move all my files to a new computer or incur the cost of having to buy a new computer at this point. After running the software my computer actually is faster. Finally I found a program that works like it says it does. If your computer is making you pull your hair out I highly recommend giving this software a try.

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Minimum System Requirements

  • 20 MB free hard disk space for initial installation
  • Microsoft IE 6.0 and above
  • Logged on as administrator

Operating System Requirements:
Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit),
Vista (32-bit),
XP (32-bit)

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